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StreamKeepers Program

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Become an Alameda Creek StreamKeeper

Help the Alameda Creek Alliance monitor fish populations and habitat by signing up as a volunteer StreamKeeper.

· Adopt a section of stream in the Alameda Creek watershed – either along Alameda Creek or one of the tributaries. You can adopt a section near where you live, or on public land in the upper watershed.

· Get to know your stream section. Visit it regularly, during different seasons, and during low and high stream flows.

· Become part of a network of Alameda Creek Alliance volunteers monitoring stream sections throughout the watershed. You are the Alliance’s eyes and ears on the creek.

· Monitor potentially suitable fish habitat. Once migratory fish have access to the creek again, you can monitor in the winter and spring for migrating and spawning steelhead trout and chinook salmon.

· Help us identify stream reaches that have the potential for restoration projects to improve trout habitat.

· Identify and document any issues, such as pollution or toxic spills, illegal dumping, invasive species, or poaching.

· You can record your fish, wildlife, bird, and plant observations online, where the information can be used by scientists and land and water management agencies.

· The Alliance can help you get training to identify native fish, conduct fish spawning and redd surveys, and monitor water quality, fish habitat, aquatic insects, and more!

If you are interested in adopting a stream section for Alameda Creek or one of its tributaries, please contact Steven Cochrane of the Alameda Creek Alliance Steven AT alamedacreek DOT org.

StreamKeeper Resources

Watershed overview map with stream reaches monitored by the ACA for salmonids and stream reach descriptions. Lower Alameda Creek reaches; Niles Canyon reaches; Stonybrook Creek reaches; Sinbad Creek reaches; Arroyo de la Laguna reaches

You can report steelhead and salmon observations in the watershed by downloading the Survey123 app on your mobile phone - through the Alameda Creek Alliance fish survey form

Visual guides to identifying adult salmon/steelhead and juvenile salmonids

Submit your bird sightings to eBird

Submit your wildlife sightings to iNaturalist. See our new iNaturalist page, What Lives in the Alameda Creek Watershed?