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Alameda Creek Trails

Promoting ecologically appropriate public access and low-impact hiking and biking trails along Alameda Creek, particularly through Niles Canyon

The Alameda Creek Alliance is working with public land management agencies to identify and prioritize public hiking and biking trail links in the Alameda Creek watershed.

The highest priority trail connection is through Niles Canyon, linking the Alameda Creek Trail along lower Alameda Creek and the Bay Trail with trails and regional parks in Sunol, Pleasanton and Livermore. As of 2021, Alameda County is moving forward on the Niles Canyon Corridor Multi-Use Trail, to create a pedestrian, bicycle and horse trail separate from Niles Canyon roadway (Highway 84) through the canyon. The trail would originate in Fremont at Mission Boulevard and end in the town of Sunol. The current plan is to build the trail in three phases. Phase one would be 5.8 miles of trail in the lower canyon, from the Niles Staging Area to Palomares Road, at an estimated cost of $20 million. More information at

The Park District is also evaluating a ridgeline natural surface trail connecting Vargas Plateau to the proposed watershed center at the Sunol Water Temple site; and a trail from Garin Regional Park to Vallejo Mills Park, at the bottom of Niles Canyon. Other planned trail links include EBRPD plans for a trail through the Sunol Valley along Alameda Creek, and various segments along Arroyo de la Laguna and Arroyo Mocho planned by Zone 7.

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Red Alameda County's July 2021 Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report for the trail