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Endangered Insects


Endangered insects in the Alameda Creek watershed

Bay Checkerspot Butterfly (Euphydryas editha bayensis)

Status: Federally threatened
Habitats: Native grasslands with serpentine soils and host plants on which the caterpillars feed. Main host plant is dwarf plantain, but larvae also may live on purple owl’s clover or Indian paintbrush.
Threats: Urban development, pesticides, nitrogen deposition, overgrazing, global warming, and air pollution
Locations in Alameda Creek watershed: Suitable serpentine habitat occurs in the upper watershed, but historic populations appear to have been eliminated

Center for Biological Diversity information page on Bay Checkerspot Butterfly

Fact Sheet from the EPA about Bay Checkerspot Butterfly

Callippe Silverspot Butterfly (Speyeria callippe callippe)

Status: Federally endangered
Habitats: Native grasslands with the native violet, Johnny jump-up as larval food plant
Threats: Habitat loss from development, off-road vehicles and invasive plants; over-grazing by livestock or spread of non-native grasses
Locations in Alameda Creek watershed: Small populations thought to remain in Livermore Valley and Happy Valley

Butterfly Conservation Initiative information page on Callippe Silverspot Butterfly