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Course on Natural History of the Alameda Creek Watershed - March-April

A special class will be offered by Steven Cochrane, ACA Volunteer and Stewardship Coordinator: A Natural History of the Alameda Creek Watershed. The class will consist of 10 sessions plus field trips in the watershed, in spring of 2024. The course cost is $475.00. Read the class syllabus. To enroll, contact Steven AT AlamedaCreek DOT org for a registration form. The classes will start in early March, 2024.

This UC California Naturalist Course will focus in particular on the Alameda Creek Watershed area of the Diablo Range. After gaining background about the watershed and on the ground engagement, we will focus on monitoring salmonids and stream conditions in Alameda Creek using a phone app to record data. The UC Cal Naturalist Program seeks to foster a committed corps of volunteer naturalists and community scientists trained and ready to take an active role in natural resource conservation, education, and restoration. This UC California Naturalist course will introduce you to the wonders of our local ecology and engage you in the stewardship of California’s natural communities.