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Protect Niles Canyon

Caltrans has released a draft Environmental Impact Report for the Alameda Creek Bridge Replacement Project. Tell Caltrans that replacing and upgrading the Alameda Creek Bridge does not require overbuilt roadway approaches and the bridge segment can be made safer without massive cut-and-fill or removing hundreds of trees. Take action by April 3, 2015.

August 2015 update:

Caltrans has scheduled a Niles Canyon stakeholder meeting for Thursday, September 3, 2015, from 10 am to 12 pm in Oakland. The meeting will provide updates and discussion on all the upcoming Caltrans projects in Niles Canyon, including the short-term and medium-term safety projects, the Alameda Creek Bridge, the mitigation for tree cutting during Niles I project, and Stonybrook Creek plans. View the meeting agenda here. The meeting will be at: Caltrans District 4 Office, 111 Grand Avenue, Oakland, in the Parkview Conference Room, 15th floor.

Industrial Solar Development

Alameda County is on a misguided path to allow massive scale industrial solar projects to destroy wildlife habitat and productive farmland in rural areas, without first looking at the potential for urban solar on rooftops or placing panels on existing paved and developed locations. Tell Alameda County to promote solar developments in urban areas on rooftops, parking lots and other developed lands instead of allowing or encouraging industrial energy facilities on rural land or wildlife habitat.

CEMEX Mining Expansion in Livermore

CEMEX is planning to amend its reclamation plan for its 966-acre sand and gravel mining operation in Livermore along Arroyo del Valle. CEMEX mining and reclamation activities at the site will be completed in approximately 2056, at which point CEMEX plans to create two lakes that will be added to the Zone 7 "Chain of Lakes." It also intends to majorly reroute Arroyo del Valle, with a potentially significant loss of existing riparian trees.

There will be an Environmental Impact Report on the amendments to the reclamation plan. More info on the CEMEX web site.

August 2015 update: CEMEX has issued a Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report for plans to amend its reclamation plan. Read the Alameda Creek Alliance's scoping comments.

Sunol Ag Park Threatened By SFPUC Expansion

At a community meeting in July 2015, the SFPUC announced its intention to expand the Sunol corporation yard footprint into the organic farmland at the Sunol AgPark, in order to expand the vehicle and fuel storage yard. The proposed expansion would take 4.5 acres of prime agricultural land out of production.

SAGE, the Sunol AgPark farmers, Save Our Sunol, and the Alameda Creek Alliance sent a letter asking the SFPUC to re-design the corporation yard and develop an alternative plan for parking, one that does not involve the conversion of prime farm land. Read the subsequent letter from the SFPUC that they are reassessing the project.

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