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Protect Niles Canyon

Caltrans has begun a damaging and unnecessary project to widen Highway 84 through Niles Canyon, along important steelhead trout habitat in Alameda Creek, under the guise of safety. This controversial project will actually make the canyon more dangerous for drivers and cyclists, waste $76 million in public funds, degrade trout habitat and jeopardize a decade of restoration efforts in Alameda Creek, and blight a designated scenic highway and the natural beauty of Niles Canyon. Road widening would require cutting 600 trees along the Alameda Creek riparian corridor, extensive filling of the creek and floodplain, and constructing miles of cement retaining walls and rip-rap in the active channel to accommodate unnecessarily wide roadway shoulders. Tell Caltrans to adopt the community supported proposals for road safety in Niles Canyon, without road widening or impacts to Alameda Creek.

Industrial Solar Development

Alameda County is on a misguided path to allow massive scale industrial solar projects to destroy wildlife habitat and productive farmland in rural areas, without first looking at the potential for urban solar on rooftops or placing panels on existing paved and developed locations. Tell Alameda County to promote solar developments in urban areas on rooftops, parking lots and other developed lands instead of allowing or encouraging industrial energy facilities on rural land or wildlife habitat.

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