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The Alameda Creek Alliance sends out e-mail alerts about conservation issues in the watershed and updates about Alameda Creek restoration news, generally once or twice a month. To get on our update list, click here

2015 Updates

May 4 - Sunol Watershed Center Meeting; Alameda Creek Cleanup; Alameda Creek Watershed Conference; Maguire Peaks Hike; DamNation Film Screening in Niles; ACA Volunteers Improving Habitat Along Alameda Creek; A Fun and Educational Day at the 2015 Sunol Wildflower Festival; Alameda Creek in the News; Regional Salmon Restoration News

April 27 - Special Event! DamNation Film Screening in Niles July 24

April 15 - Sunol Wildflower Festival; Earth Day Restoration along Alameda Creek; ACA Comments on Caltrans Bridge Project; Do You Need A Permit To Work Near the Creek?; Regional Salmon Restoration News

March 13 - Open House on CEMEX Mining Expansion in Livermore; Caltrans Hearing on Alameda Creek Bridge Project; Sunol Wildflower Festival; Alameda Creek Cleanup; Environmental Review Released for Sunol Watershed Center and Corporation Yard Improvements; Countdown to Extinction – Bay Institute Action Alert; Regional Salmon Restoration News

February 25 - Alameda Creek Restoration Feb 28 in Niles; Environmental Review Out for Sunol Watershed Center, Corporation Yard; Regional Salmon Restoration News

February 4 - Creek Restoration Days; Caltrans Hearing on Alameda Creek Bridge Replacement; Niles Canyon Multi-use Trail Feasibility Study; Regional Salmon Restoration News

January 12 - Alameda Creek Cleanup; Streamkeeper Volunteers Wanted; Looking for Project Sponsors Along Alameda, Stonybrook, or Sinbad Creeks; Little Yosemite Fish Passage Controversy; Eastern Alameda Christmas Bird Count Tallies 140 Species; Court Voids Newark Efforts to Fill Wetlands Near Wildlife Refuge; Steelhead Recovery Potential Upstream of Stanford’s Dam; Dam-busting Documentary at Parkway Theater; Regional Salmon Restoration News

2014 Updates

December 10 - Eastern Alameda Christmas Bird Count December 19; Watch for Steelhead in Alameda Creek; Fish Passage Project at Little Yosemite Moving Forward; Successful Creek Cleanup; Niles Canyon Trail; Regional Salmon Restoration News

November 13 - Alameda Creek Cleanup; Talk On Raptors, Rats, and Riparian Areas; Eastern Alameda Christmas Bird Count; UC Study Calls Out Alameda Creek Dams; Election Conservation Victories; Sign the Petition to Remove Stanford’s Obsolete Dam; Regional Salmon Restoration News

October 31 - Alameda Creek Cleanup; Eastern Alameda Christmas Bird Count; Alameda Creek Watershed Forum; Vote No on Prop 1; Regional Salmon Restoration News

October 13 - Alameda Creek Dinner This Weekend; Niles Canyon Trail Meeting; Alameda Creek in the News; Vote No On Union City Measure KK; Symposium on Restoration in Alameda Creek Watershed; Proposition 1 Is a $14 Billion Scam; Regional Salmon Restoration News

October 2 - Alameda Creek Alliance Membership Dinner; Alameda Creek Cleanup; Alameda Creek in the News; Thanks to Coastal Cleanup Day Volunteers; Alameda Creek Alliance at Community Events; Other Volunteer Opportunities in the Watershed; Save Dublin Open Space; Sign the Petition to Restore San Joaquin River Flows; Salmon Run for Rivers; Regional Salmon Restoration News

September 18 - Alameda Creek Cleanup; Alameda Creek Watershed Center Meeting; Alameda Creek Alliance Membership Dinner; Sinbad Creek Cleanup A Success; Rare Livermore Plant Endangered; Thank You Members for Your Support; Restore Stanford’s Watershed and Wildlife; Vote NO on Prop 1; Regional Salmon Restoration News

August 26 - Alameda Creek Alliance Membership Dinner October 18; Help Remove Invasive Plants From Sinbad Creek; Other Upcoming Alameda Creek Events; Niles Canyon Bridge Replacement Projects; Sunol Watershed Center; Alameda County Watercourse Protection Ordinance; How to Remove Your Lawn; Exploding Oil Trains in Fremont?; Regional Salmon Restoration News

August 7 - Alameda Creek Alliance Membership Dinner October 18; Conservation Agreement Will Protect East Bay Burrowing Owl Habitat; Upcoming Alameda Creek Events; Regional Salmon News

July 25 - Sacramento Rally to Save the Delta; Storage Space Needed; Regional Salmon News

June 30 - Volunteers Clean Trout Habitat Along Stonybrook Creek; May Butterfly Walk in Sunol; Dublin Approves Urban Growth Boundary; Trout In the Classroom; Take Action to Stop the Delta Tunnels; Regional Salmon News

May 27 - Stonybrook Creek Cleanup This Saturday; Regional Salmon News

May 14 - Spring Butterfly Walk; Spring Creek Cleanup; 2014 Sunol Wildflower Festival A Success; Thank You Earth Day Volunteers; Thanks to Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers; Open House on Irvington Tunnel Project ; Support Wild & Scenic Mokelumne River; Regional Salmon News

April 7 - Sunol Wildflower Festival; Alameda Creek Cleanup; Creek Alliance Helps Acquire Wildlife Habitat in North Livermore; Sunol BioBlitz a Success; Niles Canyon Trails Study Moving Forward; Burrowing Owl Protection News Coverage; Arroyos Flow Releases Turned Off; Regional Salmon News

March 21 - ACA Challenges Dublin Development That Will Evict Burrowing Owls; Stop Urban Sprawl - Help Collect Signatures to Create a Dublin Urban Limit Line; Sunol BioBlitz This Weekend; Alameda Creek Cleanup April 19; Fish Passage Barrier Removed from Arroyo de la Laguna near Castlewood Golf Course; Regional Salmon News

February 28 - Watch for Steelhead in Alameda Creek; Join the Wildlife Scavenger Hunt in Sunol March 22-23; Help Collect Signatures to Save Doolan Canyon in Dublin from Urban Sprawl; Stonybrook Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project; Interactive Dam Removal Map; Regional Salmon News

February 6 - Spring Wildlife Events in Sunol; Caltrans Meetings for Bridge Replacement Project in Niles Canyon; SFPUC Update on Calaveras Dam Replacement Project; Alameda Creek Cleanup Tackles Ivy; Speak Out Against The Delta Tunnels; Regional Salmon News

January 9 - Membership Renewal Request; Spring Alameda Creek Events; Record Your Wildlife Sightings in the Watershed; Urban Creeks Council is Hiring; Regional Salmon News

2013 Updates

December 16 - Christmas Bird Count; Regional Salmon News

November 22 - Help Plant Trees Along Arroyo Mocho in Livermore; Eastern Alameda Christmas Bird Count; Save Tesla Park; Alameda Creek Alliance in the News; Regional Salmon News

September 26 - Sunol Pizza Party for Sinbad Creek; Teachers and Volunteers Wanted for Trout in the Classroom Program; Sunol Harvest Festival; Regional Salmon News

September 3 - Coastal Cleanup Day; Sunol Planning Gathering for Sinbad Creek; Sunol Harvest Festival; Help Protect California’s Largest Salmon Runs; Regional Salmon News

May 20 - Sunol Butterfly and Bird Walk; Regional Salmon News

April 17 - Critical Lower Alameda Creek Fish Passage Projects Launched; SFPUC Planning Flawed Alameda Creek Flow Recapture Project; SFPUC Considering Cutting Alameda Creek Watershed Improvement Funding?; Remind SF the Sunol Water Temple Is Not In Paris; Volunteers Needed; Sunol Butterfly Walk; Statewide Coalition Taking on Caltrans; Sign the Salmon Aid Petition; Bay Area Regional Desalination Project; Regional Salmon News

March 17 - Six Stream Restoration Projects Moving Forward; Volunteer Opportunities; Upcoming Events; Help Protect California’s Landmark Environmental Law; Stop Shasta Dam Expansion; Regional Salmon News

January 22 - New Alameda Creek Alliance Web Site; Fresh Start for Niles Canyon Road Safety Project; Christmas Bird Count News; Regional Salmon News

2012 Updates

December 21 - New Alameda Creek Contact Info; 4th Annual Christmas Bird Count A Success; Alameda County Water District Lower Alameda Creek Projects; Calaveras Dam Replacement Project Delayed; SFPUC Habitat Protection in Upper Alameda Creek Watershed; Alameda Creek Watershed Center in Sunol; Trash Busters Hit Stonybrook Creek Again; Salmon in Lower Alameda Creek?; Salmon in Berkeley!; Regional Salmon News

November 30 - Watch for Chinook Salmon in Lower Alameda Creek; Special Tour of Coho Salmon Spawning in Marin; Stonybrook Creek Cleanup; Caltrans Meeting on Niles Canyon; Watershed Bird Counts December 14 and 16; Alameda County Water District Meeting on Lower Alameda Creek Projects; Regional Salmon News

November 19 - Stonybrook Creek Cleanup; Support the Alameda Creek Alliance; Meet Ralph Boniello, Our New Volunteer and Restoration Coordinator; Calaveras Dam Replacement Project Faces Two Year Delay; Oakland Zoo Measure A1 Defeated; California Water Conference Nov 29 & 30 in Chico; San Francisquito Creek Dam Notched for Steelhead Passage; Regional Salmon News

October 25 - Two Dozen Heroes Clean Trash Out of Stonybrook Creek and Niles Canyon; Federal Highway Agency Report on Niles Canyon Highway Safety Measures; Vote No on Alameda County Measure A1; Join the Christmas Bird Count in the Alameda Creek Watershed; Birdwatching in Nome, Alaska, June 2013; Tuolumne River Trust Stops Salmon-Threatening Water Transfer; Regional Salmon News

September 14 - Alameda Creek in the News; Teachers Wanted for Trout in the Classroom; Tri-Valley Creeks Day; Action Alert to Protect the Tuolumne River; Regional Salmon News

August 23 - Alameda Creek Dinner and Natural History Presentation; Help Us Clean Up Stonybrook Creek and Niles Canyon; “Clean Slate” on Caltrans Niles Canyon Projects; Take Action for Pacific Coast Wild Salmon; Inspirations; Regional Salmon News

July 26 - Tell Caltrans No Niles Canyon Project; Presentation on Historical Ecology of the Alameda Creek Watershed; Stonybrook Creek Cleanup; Tell Stanford to Remove Searsville Dam; Some Words of Praise for Pete Stark; Regional Salmon News

June 29 - Summer Picnic at Chouinard Winery July 7; Save Tesla Park Action Alert; BART Weir Fish Ladder Design Nearing Completion; Regional Salmon News

June 8 - Celebrate Alameda Creek at Chouinard Winery July 7; Media Coverage of Niles Canyon; Save Tesla Park; Regional Salmon News

April 26 - Niles Canyon News; Steelhead Return to Lower Alameda Creek; Sunol Quarry Agreement; Save Tesla Park from Off-road Vehicle Destruction; Regional Salmon News

March 16 - Public Hearing on Niles Canyon Truck Ban; Sunol Reaches Agreement on Gravel Quarry; It's Steelhead Spawning Season; Desalinization Project Discussion; Help Restore Salmon to Marsh Creek in Contra Costa; Regional Salmon News

February 27 - Stop Industrial Solar in Eastern Alameda County; Alameda Creek in the News; Regional Salmon News

January 27 - Niles Canyon Victory in the News; Steelhead Watch for Lower Alameda Creek; Inspiration for Fish Restoration; Regional Salmon News

2011 Updates

December 6 - Alameda Watershed HCP Meeting; Christmas Bird Count; Regional Salmon News

November 16 - Christmas Bird Count; Thank You ACA Members; Watch for Salmon; Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project; Regional Salmon News

October 5 - Alameda Creek in the News; Industrial Solar Development Coming to Alameda County?; Creeks Around the Bay; Regional Salmon News

August 26 - Alameda Creek Alliance in the News; Arroyo de la Laguna Stream Restoration Project at Verona Bridge; Regional Salmon News

August 3 - Comment on Niles Canyon Project; Niles Canyon Project Open House; Alameda Creek Alliance in the News; Regional Salmon News

July 11 - Film, Dinner and Silent Auction Fundraiser to Protect Niles Canyon; Recent Alameda Creek News; Other Caltrans News; Regional Salmon News

June 23 - Judge Halts Niles Canyon Road Widening Project; Help Us Celebrate

June 10 - Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Halting Caltrans Highway Widening In Niles; Niles Canyon Update; Recent Media on Niles Canyon; Regional Salmon News

May 23 - Caltrans Niles Canyon Project Update; Upcoming Alameda Creek Alliance Events; Regional Salmon News

April 28 - Niles Canyon Update; Creek Alliance Picnic and BBQ in Sunol; Regional Salmon News

April 8 - Opposition to Niles Canyon Project Heats Up: Protest Tomorrow, Hearing Thursday

April 5 - Action Alert: Stop Caltrans from Destroying Trout Habitat in Alameda Creek

March 17 - CalTrans Niles Canyon Project Update; Park District Purchasing Land Along Pleasanton Ridge; Upcoming Events; Regional Salmon News

March 8 - Public Hearing Tomorrow on CalTrans Destruction Along Alameda Creek in Niles Canyon

March 1 - Stop CalTrans From Cutting Trees Along Alameda Creek; Alameda Creek in the News; Shadow Cliffs Land Use Plan; Regional Salmon News

February 2 - Calaveras Dam Project Victory; Eastern Alameda County Bird-Count Results; ACRCD Streambank Stabilization Project in Arroyo de la Laguna; Regional Salmon News

January 25 - Calaveras Dam Project Revised, Future Operations Could Help Restore Alameda Creek

January 6 - Interesting Wildlife Sightings in the Watershed; Alameda Creek in the News; Regional Salmon News

The Alameda Creek Alliance newsletter Up Your Creek! was published from 1997 to 2008 and has now been replaced by e-mail updates.

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