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Restore Sunol Valley

Working with San Francisco and quarry operators to restore stream and riparian habitat in the Sunol Valley reach of Alameda Creek

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has developing a Sunol Valley Restoration Report to guide restoring and stabilizing the Sunol Valley reach of Alameda Creek.

The Alameda Creek Alliance helped ensure that a renewed SFPUC lease for gravel mining in the southern end of the Sunol Valley included permit terms and conditions for creek restoration and environmental enhancements within the Sunol Valley reach. The Alameda Creek Alliance signed an agreement in 2008 with quarry operator Oliver de Silva, Inc. that will help provide for restoration of the Sunol Valley. The company will restore riparian vegetation on the stream banks of Alameda Creek and San Antonio Creek adjacent to the mining pit to enhance habitat quality, install a cutoff wall around the quarry to eliminate or minimize percolation loss of water from the creek, and accommodate possible future public access trails through the area. De Silva also helped fund the SFPUC restoration plan.

De Silva will also help to fund a fish passage project at a PG&E cement-armored gas pipeline crossing of Alameda Creek in the Sunol Valley. The SFPUC and the quarry operator are coordinating with PG&E to modify their pipeline crossing so it is no longer a barrier to upstream fish passage. PG&E has identified potential alternatives for fish passage projects at this site.

More information about the quarry conservation agreements